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The Duke Grandfather Saga

Never shoot an ogre in the face

Duke Grandfather is the number one Nuisance Man in Capital City, but that doesn’t mean life is easy. What’s it take for a guy to sit in a tavern and have an ale or three? Throw in a beautiful necromancer that makes his head spin, and Duke’s life keeps getting more interesting by the day. And who wants that?




Lilly the Necromancer Series

When the dead rise… don’t tell anyone it’s your fault

From the pages of Duke Grandfather, Lilly finally tells her own story. She’s the most powerful necromancer the Watch has ever known, but even the best have to start to somewhere. Join in and listen as she recounts how she went from school, to her early days in the Watch, and finally to becoming an experienced Watch necromancer.



The Solomon Trilogy

Beware of the dark… what you can’t see can kill you

Solomon wakes up in a filthy alley with no memory of how he got there. When he encounters an ancient evil, his memories start to return, only to find that not only is this world in peril, so is his own. But when the evil is defeated, it turns out to be only the tip of the iceberg, and Solomon must follow it to more realities than he ever knew existed.


The Fall

Long live the Queen. Everyone else can die.

Home has fallen long ago and Dalmorpheus is enjoying a life full of wine, women, and song, when an old flame appears on his doorstep. Against his better judgment he agrees to help her, and soon, he’s right back in the thick of Palace intrigue. But the old enemy has returned and is even more powerful than he’d realized. Before all is said and done, Dal will have to give up everything to defeat her. 


From a hotel that opens to other worlds, to the last troll hunter, check out these stories of different realities.