Wedding Rings

Here’s a story I wrote a while back. It’s a sad-sweet tale that I hope you like.




There’s a slight breeze disturbing the surface of the dark water. It’s barely enough to make the rowboat rock back and forth, but causes the reflected moonlight to dance across the lake. No one is supposed to be on the lake at night, but Rupert Havelock has been quiet, taking his time and rowing slowly so that he wouldn’t throw up any splashes. Some things, he thinks, have to be done in the dark.

Now that he’s reached the center of the lake he sits quietly, reflecting on what brought him here. He’s lived a good life, or he’s tried to anyway. Providing for his family was his number one concern and he’s done that. He was the butt of every stale joke out there, selling used cars for the last thirty-two years. It wasn’t great money, and no, they didn’t jet off to Europe, or live in the biggest house in town. But there was always food on the table, clothes on their backs and the kids made it through college.

He and Marie were a team, he had always believed that. She worked too, bringing in decent money as a school nurse. Together, they got through everything, from the time they first fell in love, through all the trials and tribulations of watching the kids grow up, and heading into what should have been their golden years. (more…)