New cover!

New cover for Tales of a Nuisance Man!

Tales of a Nuisance Man

One man, one magic gun and a whole city full of nuisances to get rid of. My first book, available on Amazon. Join Duke Grandfather as he matches wits with the best, and worst, that Capital City has to offer. If you like Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams, or Glen Cook, you’ll like this.

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Ready Player One

What a great book! I’ve heard it described as Ernest Cline’s love letter to all things 80’s, and there’s some truth to that, but with a good story to back it up. I read it in a day, and loved every minute of it. If you played Dungeons and Dragons, video games, or watched movies in the 80’s, read this book, and just let yourself enjoy it!

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Kings of the Wyld

Imagine a world where mercenary bands act like, and are treated like, rock stars. Great concept, backed up by excellent writing and a fantastic story. You root for Clay right from beginning, and follow along as he gets the band back together. It’s full of references that make the book feel like it has a rich backstory, one that you want to know more about. I’m very much looking forward to Eames next book.

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