Recent news!

Lots going on right now, in my little world of writing.

I’ve finished writing Solomon’s Exile, which is a new novel that takes place in an entirely different setting from the Duke Grandfather books. It’s also has a much darker tone. Now, it’s on to editing, editing, then some more editing. After that, I have a few people that will be reading it for me, then I get to fix all the mistakes/problems that they find. After that, I can put it out. Hopefully by the end of the year.

I’ve also started work on the third, and for the moment, final, Duke Grandfather book. It’s early yet, but I think this one could be the best yet. It looks like this is the day that Duke finally tells that story. You know, the one that he keeps putting off…

And finally, getting set for the Bookmarks Festival of Books, in Winston-Salem this week, September 8th. I’ll be there in a booth, selling all three titles and more than happy to sign them. So if you know anyone that will be in the area, or if you will be yourself, stop on down. Lots of great books, events and food trucks!


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